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Writing a Will
Wills explained - a simple guide

A simple guide to understanding Wills written by Helen Algar.

Typing a Lasting Power of Attorney on a laptop
Lasting Power of Attorney - a simple guide

A simple guide to understanding Lasting Powers of Attorney written by Helen Algar.

Will Myths
Common Misconceptions about Wills and Probate

We take a look at some common misconceptions and what the true position is. 

When to update a Will

Having a Will in place gives most people great peace of mind, but it is important to review the document from time to time to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. 

When to update a LPA  

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that gives legal authority to someone to deal with your affairs on your behalf, should you ever be unable to do this yourself.  This article explains circumstances whereby it may need to be reviewed.  

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney - Step by Step Guide

A Lasting Power of Attorney is an important document giving someone the authority to deal with your affairs, should you ever become unable to do so yourself.

Modernising Lasting Powers of Attorney

A summary of the consultation relating to the Lasting Powers of Attorney system. 

Intestacy Explained

What happens when somebody dies without a Will? 

Inheritance tax planning
Inheritance Tax Planning thresholds

How much tax is due when someone dies?

Simple Will Writing Checklist

What are the main areas to think about before writing a Will?

Lasting Powers of Attorney Checklist

The benefits of making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). 

Chattels & Jewellery gifts in Wills
Personal Chattels / Items in Wills

Personal chattels are possessions such as furniture, the contents of your home and cars.

Splitting Inheritance between Children
Will your Children Inherit Equally ?

A recent report has found that only half of parents plan to share their estate equally between their

Taking the stress out of planning for your future

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