Joint Tenancy Severance -
Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common


There can be situations (for example when making a Will) when the co-ownership of your home needs to be checked.

There are different ways in which people can co-own property, and this is likely to have first been established when you purchased the property.

It can easily be established how you co-own your home, by the checking of your deeds. If it found that you own the property as joint tenants (this means the property passes automatically to the other owner when one person dies) this can be converted to tenants in common (this means you each own your own divisible share of your property) if the need arises.  This is most likely to arise if you wish to plan within your Will for future family planning or  you wish to minimise the cost of care.  It can also arise if co-owners of a home have contributed different amounts towards the purchase price of your home.  This scenario can also be recorded and documented by way of a Declaration of Trust.

If your home is registered at the Land Registry, the deeds will be updated as part of this process and Helen will prepare and submit these application papers on your behalf.  

We aim, so far as possible, to have fixed fees for the severance of a joint tenancy and associated matters and the following is a guideline of expected costs:-
Severance of Joint Tenancy to convert ownership to Tenants in Common £100 

Taking the stress out of planning for your future

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